The Cornerstone Club

Our newest community-based service, The Cornerstone Club supports socialization with activities, supervision and monitoring, all specifically tailored for the older adult. Members can find help with personal care that includes hands on assistance with mobility, eating, and other activities of daily living.

Located in the City of Fulton, The Cornerstone Club is now open five days a week (Monday through Friday) from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Attendance options are flexible; participants can attend the program based on their preferences, either in full-day or half-day (four hour) increments.

Club members can choose to arrange for their own transportation or we can help make arrangements for you. Medications supervision is provided by our trained staff. Nutrition is an important part of our program and members enjoy delicious and nutritious lunch and snacks daily as part of their membership. 

The Cornerstone Club provides peace of mind to caregivers who know that their loved one is receiving the attention they need from a professional staff dedicated to their personal care and well-being. The Cornerstone Club is a welcome alternative to other more institutional settings – helping to keep people in their homes by providing a safe, structured and engaging environment in which to thrive.

Program participation can be paid for privately or may be funded through a Managed Long Term Care Plan, or NYSOFA through the Expanded In Home Services for the Elderly Program (EISEP) and the Community Services to the Elderly.

NOW OPEN AND ACCEPTING MEMBERS: Contact our Program Director Nicole Greenier at 315-592-2001 for more information and registration assistance. Or visit The Cornerstone Club website

The Cornerstone Club program was made possible by the financial support of The Richard S. Shineman Foundation© and The St. Luke-John Foster Burden Fund.


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