CNA Training

St. Luke conducts all Certified Nursing Assistant Training Programs on-site. We schedule CNA training classes based on the needs of our organization; please contact us to find out when the next CNA class is scheduled to begin.

 If you would like to be considered for the program, APPLY TODAYSt Luke CNA With Resident 2018. A representative from St. Luke will contact your for an interview prior to being accepted into the training program. Keep in mind there is limited space in each class, based on the needs of the facility at the time the class is scheduled. We keep all applications on file for one year to be considered as classes are scheduled.

 If you have any questions or are interested in additional information, please call (315) 342-3166, ext. 1175, or email our In-Service Coordinator

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

In our training program, you will learn how to care for our residents including but not limited to: bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting, feeding, and transferring (lifting our residents using proper body mechanics as well as some of our mechanical lifts).

You will also learn range of motion (exercising our residents' muscles), to take temperatures, pulses, and respiration, to perform skin care and catheter care, to weigh and measure a person in bed, to make an occupied and an unoccupied bed, and to clean and store some of our equipment.

SL Nurse With Resident CNA 2018Other skills that will be taught include Resident Rights, Safety, Infection Control, Communication and Comfort. You will learn all of these skills in the classroom and then practice them on the clinical days, supervised by our RN In-service Educator and our clinical supervisory staff.

Physical requirements of the job include lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting, bending and standing. At least 80% of your workday will be spent using these skills.

Once the training is complete, we will schedule you for the State clinical and written exams, which are given on-site and paid for by St. Luke. A clinical evaluator will come in and evaluate you on clinical skills and administer the New York State written exam - which is 60 multiple choice questions. The State will notify you by mail whether you have passed or failed.

Prepare For Success

At St. Luke, over 90% of our CNA trainees pass the certification examinations the first time. This is due to our excellent training program and our commitment to giving you the tools you need to be successful!

If you successfully complete the class, and receive a certificate in the mail that states you are a Certified Nursing Assistant in NYS, we will increase your pay from the uncertified training rate to the Certified Nursing Assistant rate.

You are now ready to be assigned to your unit/shift. First you will have a 10-day orientation to that unit. During this time, you will be paired with an experienced CNA who will help you adjust to your new job duties and act as a resource to answer your questions. Then you will begin working on your assignment in a regular schedule.

If you are accepted into the class, we ask you not to miss any class or clinical days or you may be terminated from the program. We feel it is very important for you to have a good knowledge base for your job and absence from the training program hinders this.

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