Short-Stay Rehab

Short-Stay Rehabilitation is available at St. Luke in Oswego and Michaud in Fulton. Our program is designed for people who need care and assistance to optimize their rehabilitation therapy after discharge from a hospital and before safely returning home.

Our Rehab programs provide the highest quality physical, occupational, and speech therapy in a safe, comfortable and supportive environment. Rehab therapy is provided up to seven days a week. We admit patients to our Rehab Programs seven days a week.

If you are scheduling surgery and may need Short Stay Rehab before returning home – call us to reserve your room. We will help make all the necessary arrangements so you stay focused and get started on your road to recovery without a worry.

Short-Stay Rehab at St. Luke or Michaud, the first step back to health, and back to home!

Rehabilitation from experienced, trusted professionals

Short-Stay at St. Luke or Michaud is a comprehensive sub-acute rehab program which returns individuals to the community following an illness, accident or elective surgery. Our team of professionals collaborates with patients and their families to help achieve the highest level of function for each individual in our care. If you or a loved one recently...

  • suffered a stroke
  • had joint replacement surgery
  • cardiac surgery
  • Require wound care treatment or,
  • experienced a debilitating medical event,

Choose our Short-Stay Program.

The sole focus of our Short-Stay Rehab programs at St. Luke in Oswego or Michaud in Fulton is to return you to your home in the best health, as quickly and safely as possible.

Right Next Door

Experience, combined with attractive accommodations and hotel-like amenities means that your stay will be comfortable and supportive of your rehabilitation, from admission to discharge. With our two convenient locations, you can choose to return to health close to your home, family and friends. Visits are no problem and you can rely on the friendly, professional staff to make your stay as pleasant and beneficial as possible.

 St. Luke and Michaud also offers specialized services including Infusion Therapy and Wound VAC Therapy.

The Right Decision

Admission to Short-Stay Rehabilitation at St. Luke or Michaud is a simple process. Tell your doctor or hospital discharge planner you wish to be referred to us, or contact our Admissions Departments directly. If you might need rehabilitation following an upcoming surgery, call us and we can help you preplan by reserving a room for you.

 We will be happy to assist you in making the right short-term rehabilitation treatment choice. Contact our St. Luke Admission Coordinator, (315-342-3166) or our Michaud Admission Coordinator, (315) 592-2009 to arrange for a visit or to answer any questions you may have about short stay rehabilitation.