St. Luke Health Services in Oswego announces the launch of Curavi Health, a solution powered by technology that enables delivery of scalable, high-quality care to patients quickly and comfortably, on location, after hours. With Curavi Health, board-certified physicians can treat patients with complex medical conditions onsite, allowing patients and their families to avoid stressful situations and rest assured knowing quality care is available at our location, day and night.

“Curavi Health was founded with the goal of helping patients receive the best care possible, any time, from the comfort of their own beds,” said Dana Wittman, Director of Client Services. “We’re so happy to have the opportunity to provide our state-of-the-art services to the residents at St. Luke.” 

St Luke Health Services Oswego Introduces Curavi Health Telemed To Local NH July 2020

Danielle Morse, Registered Nurse at St. Luke Health Services is seen during a bedside telemedicine engagement with a physician at Curavi Health, a provider of telehealth technology that enables delivery of high-quality care to patients at St. Luke quickly and comfortably, on location, after hours.

St. Luke Health Services will continue its mission of working to deliver the best in care with easy-to-use, innovative technology using Curavi Health. Curavi Health’s doctors will work closely with St. Luke’s existing nurses and doctors to deliver seamless treatment while speaking directly with, examining and treating a patient through two-way video and digital diagnostic equipment. With Curavi Health’s physician team, 95 percent of cases result in treatment in place, helping to avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital, improving outcomes for patients.

 “The use of Curavi Health’s cutting-edge service represents our commitment to delivering the highest quality of care available to our short-stay rehab patients and long-term care nursing home residents,” said Terrence Gorman, CEO and Administrator at St. Luke. “Curavi Health’s physician team will ensure we continue with our ability to lower re-admission rates to local hospitals, while providing greater peace of mind for our residents and their families.”

This telemedicine program is supported by grant through The Central New York Care Collaborative (CNY Cares) Innovation Fund. CNY Cares is a partnership that connects more than 2,000 healthcare and community based service providers in six counties across Central New York -- Cayuga, Lewis, Madison, Oneida, Onondaga and Oswego. The primary goal of the collaborative is to serve the population by improving the coordination of healthcare services, enhancing the quality of performance outcomes, and creating an overall better system of care for patients. CNY Cares established the Innovation Fund in 2017 to help coordinate services and improve care for Medicaid and uninsured patients by funding creative approaches that address physical, social, and mental health needs while fostering cross-sector partnerships.

About Curavi Health

Curavi Health was born out of the experiences gained in a CMS Innovation 2012 Award to improve the quality of care for people residing in long-term care facilities by reducing avoidable hospitalizations. Curavi offers telemedicine solutions that are rooted in clinical validation and are customized for nursing homes. This experience, along with that of UPMC’s owned skilled nursing facilities with telemedicine, was the genesis of Curavi Health. Curavi, a Latin verb meaning, “to care for”, indicates our commitment to enhancing and optimizing care for both patients and providers. The Curavi team is passionate about delivering innovative solutions to improve the quality of care for residents while reducing costs for nursing homes. To learn more, visit